January 27, 2023

This just an update to “Lexapro is Not For All”. The generic name for this pharmaceutical drug is Escitalopram. I ended up having major withdrawals from trying to stop taking this drug all together. I had to start taking it again and now have a proper weaning schedule which is described in the video. I am not advising anyone to make the mistake I did and to consult your doctor if you have questions.

Ask me i’m back again tonight but one more video just wanted to talk to you all about the video that i posted bl blue about lexapro being bad it’s generic names and sitting tulip ram i think that’s how you pronounce it pronounce it but whatever you do don’t make the mistake that i did and just stop cold turkey you can’t just stop taking this medication all together at

Once you must do a weenie in schedule which i was told by my doctor when i went to see her but i had already stopped it but did not find out until yesterday that it would be as bad as it was you get nausea you get these zaps through your body i feel like these electrical jolts agitated headaches nausea and vomiting upset stomach that’s bad so i contacted my doctor

And she suggested the same thing she told me when i told her and i stopped cold turkey all together and stopped taking it that i should have weaned off of it which is now what i’m doing i had to start back on my regular dose which was 20 milligrams a day that’s what they had me on and i have to reduce that after one week by 5 milligrams and take 15 milligrams for

Two weeks and then keep reducing by five milligrams every two weeks until it’s done so if you’re looking for a weenie schedule to take yourself off of the drug if you think you don’t need it or you will put on it error or for whatever reason you’re taking it by all means you can use this as i said continue your regularly scheduled for one week and then every two

Weeks thereafter and reduced by 5 milligrams until at the end you’re not taking anything anymore and that should reduce just about all of the withdrawal effects you may experience for me it’s gonna take 8 weeks my doctor said some people experience withdrawal and some people don’t and i just so happened to have it all come down on me yesterday after not taking it

For about six days so i thought i decided to make this video and i think you guys please don’t just stop taking because that’s bad i felt like creek and that’s about it i just wanted to update that getting you from the other day but i still agree with you know you need to be pre-screening before you prescribe these drugs and also please take it if you need it but

If you don’t need it you shouldn’t be on it any professional and doctor must evaluate you to that and i am not a doctor i am just here to share my experiences with it thank you

Transcribed from video
Withdrawal from Lexapro (Escitalopram) By Phillip DaClown