March 28, 2023


Hello everybody and welcome to my channel for today’s video i wish to discuss my experience when reducing the dosage of my antidepressants called sertraline firstly i would like to share with all of you watching this that we can of course all act very differently when reducing our dosage of any medication and always please get help and advice from your doctor when

You are wanting to reduce any of your medication dosages many of us ignore the longer that we have been taking any form of medication the worse that they withdraw effects will be because our bodies have just simply gotten used to the drugs that we’ve been making withdrawal is something that should have cost be taken very seriously and you should never just suddenly

Stop taking any medication especially if you’ve been taking the medication for quite some time in regards to myself i have actually been taking sertraline for pretty much a year and at this point in time my body has definitely gotten used to the drug and my usual daily dosage i was advised by my doctor to gradually reduce my daily dose roughly every two weeks when i

Began to take sertraline i slowly built my dosage up to 200 milligrams a day which is as far as i know the highest that someone can take in a daily time period i was told to go down from 200 milligrams to 150 for at least two weeks then gradually reduce my doors every two weeks from there at first i was actually all care and i thought that i wasn’t going to get any

Withdrawal symptoms however i was very very quickly proved wrong i began to notice especially when i was only taking a hundred milligrams a day that my mood swings and emotions were just all over the place and they were actually the same as what they were before i even began taking sertraline they were also happening much more frequently as well other side effects

That i have had so far from reducing the dosage of my sertraline have been a very sensitive and sickly stomach and i also have actually been eating considerably less as my appetite has reduced quite significantly i had put on quite a lot of weight when i started to take the search for lane so perhaps this is maybe the style of my body just going back to my normal

But i in my normal eating habits i’m not entirely sure obviously as well my anxiety has been coming back more and more which hasn’t been great i’ve also started to feel very lonely and feel like i just need someone to like cuddle with all the time and i’ve just been feeling very alone i mean normally i do enjoy my own company but lately i just haven’t been as much

I feel like i’ve been you know meaning more attention i’m not sure whether i’m feeling that way because i been feeling very vulnerable or whether it’s you know something else but that is something that i have definitely noticed i feel like i’m needing to rely on people more when it came to taking me officer chilling one of the biggest you know side effects that

I was getting was that i was getting very unusual at an expo unexplained wow i was getting very unusual and unexplainable sensations in my hands feet arms and legs and also i was beginning to just feel very very dizzy and i’m typically not somebody who gets dizzy easily i’ve just been feeling very odd very very strange and that’s literally the only way that i can

Describe it at the moment i am still in the middle of reducing my dosage and i’m currently on 100 milligrams every day i think because of how i’ve been feeling though i will stick with the daily dosage of a hundred milligrams for longer than the two-week period i do think it’s all about playing it by ear not religiously sticking to specific timeframes because at the

End of the day if you don’t feel right when you you know when you’re reducing your medication you’ve got to just take it slower the whole thing has just been very weird i think for now all that has been all of my symptoms in terms of you know reducing sertraline if you’ve had any withdrawal symptoms from sertraline or any other medication then let comment section

Down below please like this video if you enjoyed it and hit that subscribe button if you want new here also just very quick as well and very sorry if i seem totally just out of it they says i believe the effects from decreasing the sertraline boss socially in has made me feel you know it’s kind of spaced out anyways but even more so lately i’m just like the lights

Are on but no one’s home as i would normally like to say so yes thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you in my next video

Transcribed from video