May 29, 2023

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In today’s video we’re gonna cover the four supplements that are gonna help you out with insulin resistance now you might be wondering i’m not diabetic does this matter absolutely it matters insulin resistance is a huge contributor to just about every disease but also when it comes down to just controlling your weight and just getting in the best possible shape

So we’ll cover a few things we’ll talk about acid xanthine which is a really interesting antioxidant then we’ll talk about a couple of very specific minerals one of them spoiler alert is zinc but you have to know how to use it okay and then last thing we’re gonna talk about another very unique mineral known as a lithium but it’s very very important that you know

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Them out after you watch this video in the description insulin resistance is where your body’s cells do not do a good job processing glucose because there’s not enough insulin to allow the sugar or the glucose into the cell now there’s a myriad of different causes for this but in this particular case we’re gonna focus on two big things that we can fix okay one is

Called glute for transportation okay glute four is a glucose transporter okay so on our cells what happens is glucose comes to the cell and glucose can’t just magically enter the cell we can’t just like penetrate through a wall it needs a shuttle bus and that shuttle bus is glute 4 so it comes to the surface of a cell picks up the glucose and then brings it into

The cell so it’s a private little shuttle well a lot of times if we’re insulin resistant we’re not producing or utilizing our glute for properly so we’re not turning on the shuttle the shuttle driver just isn’t coming to work okay now the other piece that we want to look at is one that’s more complex but i’m not gonna focus on it too much in this video because i want

Everyone to really understand this video and this one is my toe andre abiogenesis and the quickest way that i can describe this the mitochondria is the energy powerhouse within your cell so what that means is it’s the factory that produces energy okay so when you look at it from a dysfunctional issue like someone that is type-2 diabetic or someone that has insulin

Resistance it looks like this okay imagine a factory that produces energy that’s your mitochondrial okay now imagine a conveyor belt that drives and brings all kinds of glucose and energy in to the mitochondria taksin process for fuel okay now imagine that that conveyor belt is moving so much sugar and so much actual energy that the factory can’t deal with it so

It builds up it builds up it builds up on the conveyor belt that’s an exact example of what’s happening with insulin resistance your body’s not getting enough of the actual sugar and energy that’s there because the cell won’t let it in or the factory so we need to improve the mitochondria so now let’s go ahead and let’s get right into these four supplements and

Figure out how you can utilize them number one is astaxanthin astaxanthin is the antioxidant that gives salmon that pink pigment okay i’m not going to go into a lot of the details of why it’s pink and this and that point is asses anthon is powerful six thousand times more powerful than vitamin c in terms of antioxidant capabilities side note vitamin c is amazing

When you mega dose it we’re talking about antioxidant properties not specific vitamin c properties here so what it does is it improves beta cell function so it improves the pancreas ability to actually produce insulin in the first place but then it also increases the glucose transporters it increases that glute for that allows the glucose to come into the cell but

There’s an additional thing that it does that’s really cool it elevates something called p g c1 egg long story short it’s a genetic process so basically p g c1 a is a transcriptional cofactor that allows mitochondrial biogenesis to occur so point is it allows mitochondria to get stronger the energy powerhouse do you get stronger and it also allows the mitochondria

To produce more mitochondria goes through biogenesis basically rebirthing at more mitochondria more energy powerhouses more factories equals more energy output but more importantly equals more ability for the glucose to go in more factories for more glucose to go in equal less blood sugar probably wondering how much to take well the asia-pacific clinical nutrition

Journal found that eight milligrams for eight weeks made some pretty dramatic differences in visceral fat levels triglyceride levels and ldl levels which are also related to of course insulin resistance so for reducing insulin resistance we’re likely reducing those issues as well so eight milligrams is usually about the goin dose for asses anthem okay now let’s

Move on to the next one which is a really fun one zinc if you watch my channel a lot you know i talked about zinc but let’s get right to the chase here zinc mimics insulin zinc ions actually bind to insulin receptors so what that means is as far as the body is concerned the body thinks that zinc is insulin well how does it help us because it gives the pancreas

A break the bank rias doesn’t have to keep pumping out insulin constantly because it gets zinc coming into the equation giving it a little bit of a rest period which believe it or not if we allow the pancreas to rest like reducing our carbohydrate intake for a while studies have shown that insulin resistance improves so zinc kind of gives us an artificial rest if

You want to call it that now in type 2 diabetics there’s a protein called amylin and amylin tends to clump up and block certain parts of the pancreas pancreatic cells okay so basically this emlyn comes in and it forms these toxic clumps that makes it so that the cells aren’t producing insulin this is in type 2 diabetics but also just in mildly insulin resistant

People as well well zinc breaks apart those clumps zinc binds to that protein amylin and makes it so that those clumps don’t form so point is zinc is very powerful at making it so that your body can utilize insulin and glucose again properly all right now let’s move into one of my favorite ones of all time this one is awesome because it can be used alongside a

Cheat meal – its chromium it is a perfect excess carbohydrate mitigation mineral let’s call it that and what i mean by that is chromium you can take larger amounts of chromium if you wanted to okay so chromium is going to help you metabolize carbohydrates because it literally helps bring more transporters to the surface of the cell okay so imagine this you’ve got

A bunch of glucose coming out of cell and the cell only has one shuttle bus to bring glucose into the cell well okay you’re gonna have a bunch of glucose piling up high blood sugar but what if you had twenty shuttles well all i said and all those people can get into the cell right all the glucose can get into the cell all the people can get to the arena that’s

What we’re getting at chromium does that for us that’s what we want but additionally it also helps increase the potency of those glute fours so it basically makes the shuttle buses bigger so what i usually recommend doing is if you’re having a high carbohydrate meal have 500 to a thousand micrograms of chromium but if you’re someone that does a low carb diet and

All of a sudden you have a bunch of carbohydrates you might find your glucose tolerance isn’t very high so in that case you might want to have like two three four thousand micrograms of chromium the good news is it’s a mineral if you have too much of it you’re just gonna urinate it out however full disclaimer i am not a doctor so make sure you vet any of this out

With your physician now the last one that i’m gonna talk about is one that’s cutting-edge lithium orotate lithium you may have just heard about lithium in the mental health world okay it’s prescribed for depression for some other bipolar disorders and things like that and it’s very effective at that it is a mineral and you can get it over the counter but i would

Only recommend taking about five milligrams okay low dose lithium orotate has been shown to increase glucose uptake but specifically been studied in the diabetes journal in skeletal muscle so this is great because skeletal muscle is where most of our glucose metabolism needs to occur anyway okay our muscles use a lot of glucose but if you’re someone that’s active

And works out then this is an extra little hack for you because you can utilize lithium to help increase the glucose that your cells and your muscles utilize helping you recover a little bit faster so kind of a fun little fact there so five milligrams lithium another little fun fact to add for those science nerds that are out there if you go down some rabbit

Holes with what’s called wmt signaling and lrp five pathways and downstream pathways i’m getting nerdy but hear me out you can also find some somewhat inconclusive but still promising research that lrp five activation the lithium supplementation could make it so you burn more fat around the abdomen so basically if we normally would burn fat all over the body we

Could potentially isolate the abdomen a little bit better i have other videos on that i’ll spare you the details so as always please do make sure you hit that red subscribe button please hit that little bell icon down below so you never ever miss our daily videos and have epic epic content and one of the things that i want to make sure everybody knows if you put

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Worried About Insulin Resistance? THESE 4 Supplements are Shown to Improve it By Thomas DeLauer