March 22, 2023

Started a new medication for my WPW. Feeling really bad and trying to control my symptoms! This all happened starting Friday the 6th and then a blizzard… and on going, since my Dr. office is closed still…

Hi everybody this quality is going to be terrible because i don’t have any lights um and i just wanted to let it i’m so sorry i look terrible because i have absolutely no makeup on i have been stuck in bed for the last couple of days i started a new heart medication and um it’s really knocking me out i’ve had several hard episodes i will link down below what

My heart condition is for you and i just want to say i’m going to get right back on making my videos as promised daily is just as soon as i have some more energy to get up and do that um yeah so i’m still doing good on my vegan lifestyle i’m sticking to eating completely pit plant-based and that part has been going great um i’ll just say if anybody has a heart

Condition are specifically my heart condition which is wolff-parkinson-white syndrome and you are being switched from and 10 and all um to proper all toprol toprol xl is what they put me on and i’m supposed to take it once in the morning and that’s it and my doctor didn’t tell me that i could or should or anything that i could take in 10 and all still as needed so

When i’m feeling bad and i’m feeling like the new pills are not working as good as they should because it is not built up into my system yet i do take 12.5 milligrams of antennal to make sure my heart can be controlled which today’s so far fingers crossed that i can get through until tomorrow with no heart episodes whatsoever because it is very tiring and wearing

Me down i wish i could have found an answer to my question which was can i take and tenon all with the toprol xl when i’m just starting um this is not a recommendation this is not a advisement this is something that i did because i know my body very well always speak to your doctor before adding or switching any medications i am in no way advising or telling you

To do what i’m doing um but for me i can handle it my body can handle it and i feel the risk outweighs the i mean the benefits outweigh the risks in this case because i don’t want to obviously have sudden death which is rare for my heart condition but you know when your hearts beating at 200 plus a minute for extended periods of time it’s a serious concern anyway

So that’s all i just wanted to post that up and let you all know that i will be back as soon as possible or you know all my videos may just be like this until i get better but um yep that’s it so i will see you all later thanks for viewing my video and good health to everybody in 2017 bye

Transcribed from video
WPW (Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome) heart condition. Atenolol & Toprol XL By Vegan Tog