March 24, 2023

XOXO Grim talks knowing many gun shot wound victims that are still hooked on pain pills to this day, why many people turn to the streets when pharmacies won’t refill your prescription, and not being able to tell if there is fentanyl in a pain pill.

Foreign killers they gave you they gave me some different opiates you know to help with my back and start taking the opiates and then you know you run out of opiates you turn to the street to find them and you know right the next thing leads to another yeah all right we know that um do you okay so me personally i feel like you know how like they had like a what

Do you call it what they they say it’s an epidemic like you know like they have like the crack epidemic and all that type of i feel like our generation we definitely like i feel like we’re having like an opiate epidemic because we are and they are kind of taking a hold on i don’t know if you’ve seen or not they took the promethazine codeine out of a lot of big

Pharmacies because if it’s not with it because you know it’s going in all the wrong hands essentially right so basically you was taking them right and then it got to a point where they like you couldn’t have no more yeah because you start taking more than a prescribed dose you know what i’m saying you run out before to prescribe dose and trying to call to get more

You’re gonna get flagged you know what i’m saying because you’re obviously taking more than you need to be taken yeah abuse yeah i had man see well i had that same problem because like like i didn’t okay so say if i’m prescribed 30 i would subscribe 30 oxys for i guess like 30 30 days or something like that so what i tried to do is like i had like five left and

I tried to do you know i’m saying call my people and was like hey man i’m running out i need some more i go to cvs they talking like they’re so strict with it like you can’t even get any until like you literally run out like i feel like i don’t know i feel like that that’s part of the problem because like you said when you can’t take them anymore like in my case

Like in your case you really needed them you know what i’m saying you turn to the streets and then a lot of times like we don’t even know it but a lot of times like they have fentanyl in it and that’s a big problem right now yep and a big thing we got a lot of gun violence going on a lot of dudes young dudes getting the gunshot wounds and they get hooked on the

Painkillers real backs you know what i’m saying you can’t chill and take a tylenol when you got a hole in it yeah yeah but i know some good people who are hooked on opiates still to this day from old gunshot wounds from years ago yeah i ain’t realized i when i when i first talked to my doctor i was just like i was always telling like man i’m scared like like what

If i get addicted to them like nah man i’ll never have you taken that much you know to where you’ll get you know hooked on and when i stopped taking them i thought that you know i’m saying i was gonna go through withdrawals anything but luckily i didn’t so like i’m low-key glad that you know i didn’t i mean he listened to the doctor though google right when you hit

That abuse line taking two a day when it’s one a day you know it starts to get steep real quick yeah well question about fennel do you me personally like when i i see people post the difference with like they’ll post like a real one and a fake one and like showing side by side i can’t tell the difference can you tell the difference no and that’s why i don’t buy

Anything over the street and i suggest no one else to do it you know it’s not worth it if you if you are some type of pharmaceutical expert there’s no reason to go buy a pill out of a plastic bag you know what i’m saying all right and marvel thing with it is i feel like the us is kind of allowing that to come up through mexico because how is it everywhere you

Know what i’m saying that came from china and it’s everywhere now so synthetic opioid i think if i’m not wrong you say something like 10 times stronger than heroin that’s ridiculous that shouldn’t even be around you this is crazy i read somewhere though that like finn and all like it came from like apparently like it’s like a real medicine though like it helps

Some people i don’t know i mean they have it in the hospitals but when you start getting the car fit and all that kind of stuff the synthetic opioids and like that that’s what they putting in all the the xanax you know the fake that you’re about to rappers dying off of yeah

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XOXO Grim Says He Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Real Pain Pill Vs. One With Fentanyl By What’s Sleep? TV