May 29, 2023

Update on my venlafaxine and my new podcast offonMondayz with a Z and my view on gay being the new black

Without their fans or without human beings they’re just normal people and some of them are just the nerdiest dullest people ever they just have money and we only see a glimpse of their life so if we can be more transparent in the things that we say do act feel i believe that we can get across more to across to more people and we can save a whole lot more people

Instead of trying to judge them and put them in this little box and say well you know if you serve a guy you can’t do this this and this well understand if we keep saying that god is a judge and god does all the judging we can’t look and i’m saying that for myself we can’t look at other people and i’m saying that for myself as well because i when i first got saved

And i first got out of homosexuality and noticing i’m saying first guys i first got out of homosexual biology because i went back now um i was looking at everybody else’s relationship with god and mimicking that on how my relationship should be with god and not knowing that my relationship with god is my relationship with god how i talk to god is my way of how i

Talk to god how i act and feel and do that’s all between me and god because he knows me more than anybody i cannot live my will have my relationship or live my life the way live my life for god the way that other people intended it or other people do because they have their own personal relationship with god that’s how they see their god and what i mean by that i

Believe people see god in different ways and different aspects in different forms good or bad demi gods or whatever guys but they see them differently so i learned this here and when i’m going forth in this year is to serve god the way that i serve god and that’s with my whole heart mind and soul and um not how pastor first lady sister brother deacon deaconess

Treasury whatever how they do it it’s just for me and even if i have to question god to question them and say lord i don’t understand this i don’t get this why is that why that you know so um yeah that’s that’s uh something that i wanted to just unravel on that too um let me see what else do we have going on here i’m looking at it because i’m trying to see how

Long i’ve been going on here and ramble uh these are just some things that i just wanted to catch up catch you up on uh and to let you know i want to thank my new subscribers who uh already thanked the new s yet new subscribers who subscribed the likes i think that i thank you for the negative comments and the positive comments i thank you for the likes and

The dislikes i’m grateful for everything that you take your time out to do and even listening and waiting and seeing my black ass talking um also i want you to give my podcast a chance um i will be having a co-host whenever she decides to so i don’t want to say her name or anything and put it out there like that um because i’m not sure she’ll join i don’t want

To say that and have it um saying that this person’s going to be here and then they don’t because i’m a person of pro go ahead and get that stuff done okay um i will start it i haven’t i have generalized anxiety so even though i take medication for it even though i go to therapy for it even though i do uh was it a crt um and i still am like you know what i

Gotta get this done um i can say though that a lot of things have changed as far as being so rushed russian in a hurry hurry um i’ve noticed just to take things in stride and get it done when it gets done so i haven’t been so much bad as far as uh hygiene goes so you may be like yeah you don’t wash your hands yeah um that’s part of depression that’s part of

That anxiety that’s part of um the mental um invisible disability that happens so um yeah it’s not being lazy or lethargic it’s just having um you know 80d or whatever you want to call it but it’s part of the disorder that you have so all right so i said all that i actually was not going to get on here because i was so worried about the bags under my eyes guys

And i was worrying about the way that i look because again i hear voices in my head and when somebody talks about something and what we have to understand is sometimes people will project their own feelings onto other people and if you listen long enough a person will tell you exactly how they feel and how they are and some people are really self-conscious about

Themselves now if you’re the type of person where you really don’t care about yourself and i mean like you really don’t care other people think about you and you say you know i know i look this way but having the confidence about it is what will make you ten times even more better because you’re not so much worried about how you look or how you feel you just know

That and that’s it and you understand that everybody has their their days or their months or their weeks however everybody has a funk and um you know some people have it more than others however we don’t allow that to stop us from doing what it is that we need to do and we’re going to go and pursue it and we know that we look how we gonna look when we grow up

How are we gonna look if you can’t like us now because there’s gonna be a time when somebody’s gonna see you in your natural habitat regardless of of your age your creed or whatever it’s gonna be a time when everything is to slow down and when gravity is going to catch up with you and you’re going to have to face facts and i truly believe that that is when people

Have a breakdown it’s because they start to see their self less valuable less vulnerable look like i’m about to go to the end anyway so i’ma just wrap this up again and say again i thank you for tuning in and watching and listening to me i am seeing the cold this is just me ranting on and just going through some things and getting caught up you guys caught up and

All again i want to thank you for uh what listening and watching me remember to check my podcast out that is off on mondays on every type of pod social media that you can think on that’s off on mondays with a z okay mondays with the z o f f o n m o n d a y z off on mondays and you’ll see my picture with the locks and it’s a black white picture with a microphone

In the background i have a couple of podcasts up there and i talk about some really really good topics if you have tacos you want to talk about let me know and comment below and hit me up you can also email me at awfulmondays and that is off on mondays with a z at um what else is there uh remember that um my show here today and forever is

A his show that or maybe a topic that’s nothing about something because nobody’s in everybody’s business however i do really tackle on mental health because mental health is mental welfare self and we need that so make sure you deposit into your mental health bank okay if it’s empty you need to take some time out and work on go to work to fill that back up um

And if nobody told you i love you you’re special and yes that did happen but it is not your fault everybody passes gas okay everybody poops so again um like comment subscribe tell people get me in that algorithm let’s break this mode of everybody in this monotony uh following by the rules unless actually live life is supposed to be live and that’s real until the

Fullest and until then i will see you guys later alligator and remember i’m on tick tock as an off on mondays and if you follow me i follow you we follow me and now what all right let me see

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Year update on Venlafaxine| New Podcast| Gay is the new Black By the.queer.cancerian