March 22, 2023

The Doctors are joined by behavioral expert Gary Coxe to help a young woman suffering from severe social anxiety and a verbal disorder.

My name is morgan i’m 20 years old i have been diagnosed by the social and nonverbal disorder i get really nervous in public or just talking to people it’s frustrating because people don’t understand and they think that it’s all in my head or that i’m making it up it hurts because i can’t be normal or have a normal life author and behavioural expert gary coxe joins

Us and morgan’s mom silvia joins us in the audience thank you both for being was morgan’s case it’s pretty severe because everything she tried to do you know she couldn’t go out in public to a grocery store she couldn’t do the normal things that most of us do and take for granted and because of that i was just totally controlling her life and unfortunately you know

Every year would get worse and worse and worse so thank goodness she reached out for some help and this is a bit of a unique scenario we’ve had gary on the show many times before but in this case morgan’s anxieties were so severe we had to have gary meet with her explain the techniques that you used with her the first thing that i needed to do is identify is she

Really a normal person well when you talk to her without all this other stuff she’s totally normal so what it is is she’s buying something and playing a story and a recording in her mind that it causes all these things so my job is to go in and help her rewire that and transform that thinking were you successful with doing that absolutely it was it was absolutely

An amazing thing to watch because when we what we did one of the first things that we did we put her in her store when she goes into a store you know she stops talking and she gets nervous and sweats at the palm and i mean she’s totally out of control so what we needed to do is i wanted to find out how she behaves so i can show her how to change that behavior

But remember all anxiety is from the mind so if i can get her to learn to understand how we think and how we behave then we can change this entire behavior do you ever think back to when she says she was 7 and clearly there was an individual in the house who said or morgan said verbally abused her and it seems like a lot of you have stemmed from that time is that

Fair to say yeah so she begins to open up and then i’m i’m blindsided i’m like what you mean you carried this your whole she was so good at suppressing emotion that i thought she was shy i thought she just so you had no idea it even happened and i and i think that her story is probably one a lot of folks can empathize with and gary did sit down morgan after that

He took her to the grocery store to see if she could overcome some of her anxieties your anxiety level is i’m in a situation i’m not familiar with but i’m in control there’s no way it’s not possible all right let’s go notice how fast is going you see with the eggs are three organic avocados one packet of chicken breast now situation i’m not a aware that a control

And not abandon and breathe there’s no problem let’s get the 12 outstanding thank you for your kindness now you’re looking at that your loss now you’re looking to find something where we have right now three here’s the ice cream the bags we got one more cranberry we got the list done all right high five on that one good job scale of one to ten where you feeling

Down the anxiety level – we’re at a – that’s bad right check out i got feel good thank you thank you i went shopping and i stood aside hey what do you think it split some of that ice cream with me you you

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Young Woman Says Social Anxiety Is Ruining Her Life By The Doctors