May 29, 2023

Q: I’m having trouble coming up with a right code for a patient with allergy to amoxicillin. I have been told both Z88.0 Allergy status to penicillin and Z88.1 Allergy status to other antibiotic agents status are to be used. I am leaning toward using Z88.0. Also do you code allergy status to codeine with an opiate analgesic code or a narcotic code?

I’m having trouble coming up with the right code for a patient with allergy to amoxicillin ham allergic dog maxilla i have been told both zi8 8.0 allergy status to venice ellen ends e88 10.1 allergy status to other antibiotic agent status are to be used i am leaning toward the z8 8.0 also do you code allergy status to codeine with an opiate analgesics code or a

Narcotic code these are great questions and i didn’t go to the lecture but barbara capozzi who is someone that has been doing this for a long time she did a lecture on koji coding for allergies and so i have to go and look at her stuff and see what she did but in dc she did that night i wasn’t able to go to her conference well what do you think guys well i did look

It up for the z80 does correlate with the penicillin which is in that you know amoxicillin is part of that family the important thing to know with any of these status once it’s really any you can code anything that is pertinent to that or that affects that visit so that can be anything just note that you can you can code i mean you can document in the assessment

More than 12 conditions or just remember that only 12 codes can be submitted on a claim per cms and so this is where a lot of you know structure for risk adjustment if the patient has a lot of chronic conditions and those chronic conditions are after the twelfth diagnosis then that means they drop off and then they’ll never captured so that leads to other issues

So we know we’ve done well i’ve done education with providers that if you’re doing things for risk adjustment purposes just remember that they need to be within that twelve diagnosis on in the assessment so that it can cross into that claim and i said i was allergic to amoxicillin i’m allergic to ampicillin just so you know if you need that perfect prosperity but

Amba amoxicillin and penicillin for the most part of the same thing so having worked in a pharmacy if you get a person it’s like a generic form and so yeah i would say they are the same but now about your coding what do you think about that would you code it allergy status to coding or would you do opiate or you look at the drug classifications of each of those

Conditions because not not all the penicillins family or in specific you know that the codeine and the opiate if your facility has three m as its encoder 3m does have a wonderful clinical pharmacology resource in it and if you type in the medication it will bring up the drug classification you know what kind of family it belongs to all the generic and generic names

And things like that and so that’s why you know those tons of resources elf you know finder code has a pharmacology area not familiar exactly with the farm final code one but 3m does have a wonderful resource and as well as you know drugs calm or any other you know websites regarding medications decision health i saw there’s also at the conference and they had a

Good encoder you know just having worked as a pharmacy tech for four years some of this you know but what’s an opiate and what’s a narcotic an opiate is a narcotic so you’re kind of at a you know a catch there but it would be a good idea to be on first-name basis with a farm pharmacist because that’s another thing that was mentioned at the dc conference is the one

Of the ones that i set with they said you know you call that pharmacist and get clarification and so that that might behoove you to do that and there is a code for resistance to penicillin to make sure that you select the proper one do you need more medical certification and business training learn more at wwe

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Z88 0 and Z88 1 Codes Allergy to Amoxicillin By MedicalCodingCert