March 24, 2023

Added sugar is one of the worst and most toxic ingredients in the Western diet. It can have harmful effects on our metabolism and contribute to the development of numerous serious health conditions and diseases. Too much sugar is harmful to the body and promotes inflammation and disease.

Thank you welcome this video you’re definitely going to enjoy i’m going to move through it very quick but this is really going to hit home it’s simple it’s interesting and it’s going to be very helpful for your health there are millions of people worldwide who have metabolic syndrome conditions related to diabetes high blood pressure and other systemic problems

And the majority of this revolves around poor diet particularly processed foods high sugars those sugars are toxic and it causes the pancreas to do crazy things like spiking insulin and causing all this plaquing in your arteries these foods that i’m going to share with you today are going to be no sugar or low sugar foods but here is the trick the trick is to eat

A food in the whole state eat lots of fibrous foods because fiber will keep your sugar levels in check and from eating too much sugar in processed foods a high percentage of people in this world right now have insulin resistance and these low carb low sugar foods that i’m going to share with you is going to reverse that to help you become more insulin sensitive

To keep the rest of your system working healthy so you can live a long life now eat your fatty fish your salmon your mackerel tuna sardines they’re filled with omega-3s and this is what fights inflammation throughout your body and those omega-3s help every cell as well as your brain and best of all they are zero carbs and if you love shellfish like crab shrimp

Lobster they are filled with lots of proteins and very very low carbs and protein keeps you satiated that will prevent you from craving more food and overeating eggs have almost zero carbs they’re among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet it’s packed with many nutrients as well as choline which is an important nutrient for your brain health

Beef and chicken are very low carbs almost none grass-fed beef and organic chicken are both an excellent source of protein for the body your healthy fats and oils have zero carbs your extra virgin olive oil one of the healthiest fats on the planet it’s loaded with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and your coconut oil has zero carbs it’s

Jam-packed with mcts your medium chain triglycerides and this will also keep you very satiated to keep you from overeating and coconut oil is excellent while sauteing your foods and veggies avocado oil is also a low carb friendly fat and it’s extremely healthy for our cells of our body and you need to be very careful with fruit juices they are loaded with hidden

Sugars and what makes it dangerous is the fructose it has to be metabolized in the liver and too much fructose will lead to a fatty liver water should always be number one on the list add a lemon an orange or any type of citrus fruit in it coffee is actually very healthy and one of the biggest source of dietary antioxidants for our body and this helps destroy

Those free radicals that’s trying to attack the cells of our body green tea is one of the healthiest teas on the planet the catechins those antioxidants can do wonders for the cells of our body green tea will also increase thermogenesis this will increase your metabolic rate to help you burn fat now if you love chocolate go for the dark chocolate because the

Higher percentage of cacao in that dark chocolate needs less sugar and studies show that people who eat dark chocolate have a much lower risk of heart disease nuts and seeds are excellent for low carb low sugar diets you can eat them as snacks you can add them to salads or other recipes and that will help lower bad cholesterol in your body as well as raise good

Cholesterol and this can prevent plaquing in your arteries flax seeds are an incredibly healthy food incorporating flax seeds in your diet will help lower your blood sugar levels and in turn this helps prevent blood sugar spikes throughout the day they are great for your gut and they will create a feeling of fullness chia seeds are currently among the world’s

Most popular health foods they’re loaded with many important nutrients what’s more they’re one of the richest sources of dietary fiber on the planet and even though there are carbs and chia seeds 86 percent of those carbs are fiber therefore they contain very few digestible net carbs the avocado is a super fruit it’s extremely high in fiber and potassium and

Contains many nutrients about 78 percent of the carbs in avocado are fiber therefore it contains almost no digestible net carbs greek yogurt is great for people with diabetes increased protein and fewer carbs and sugars make it a more better choice than traditional yogurt the protein in greek yogurt will leave you full and satisfied but be aware of hidden added

Sugars your berries raspberries strawberry blackberry blueberries they all have a very low glycemic index they’re filled with fiber as this will help balance sugar levels as well as help your gut health eat all your greens kale spinach chard broccoli cauliflower green peas watercress beet greens as well as zucchini celery arugula cucumber they all have very low

Carbs and they are filled with fiber and eat those nut butters peanut butter almond butter and the many other butters put them in your smoothies spread them on your celery those are great low sugar snacks and they are very healthy and take advantage of all those special herbs and spices like cinnamon it helps sustain normal glucose levels your chili pepper and

Cayenne pepper that helps increase your metabolic rate as well as helps your cardiovascular system cumin ginger nutmeg paprika thyme rosemary and your garlic which will help lower blood pressure and keep your arteries healthy as well as your turmeric but take that with black pepper as will help that curcumin absorb into those cells which will also help your immune

System so be aware of those sugars stay away from those processed foods start getting in the habit of eating whole foods with a natural fiber in it that will do magic for the health and wealth of your body i will promise you that your sugar addiction will start to subside very quickly because sugar is a drug and it’s also very toxic and very inflammatory to our

Body i hope you enjoyed this video please share this with your friends and family leave your comments below because there will be many and most important make it a great day i’m dr alan mandel

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Zero/Low CARB Foods for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels (Reverse Insulin Resistance) Dr. Mandell By motivationaldoc