March 24, 2023

as part of my review of all SSRIs that Ive taken, here I talk about my experience of zoloft, which was not pleasant.

I wanted to do a review of my experience with circling i was prescribed it some years ago and i remember i was in a bit of a hole at the time and i wanted to find an alternative and i went to my doctor to get it prescribed at the time he said right you’ll have to be on this for six weeks the usual thing oh yeah sorry for six weeks come back to me and see it’ll

Take six weeks for it to take effect at all and even then sure who knows whether workbook backed me down and sure would wacky on something else if it happens and i mean i’ve discussed this previously i don’t think there’s any other patients in the world who get that sort of treatment which is just we pluck something out of the air we’ll just roll the dice and

See what happens you might get worse hope for the best and i think it’s appalling the way we’re treated like that he stuck me on circling and he prescribed it for i think a couple of weeks i remember i took it i started it and i think the second day i started to feel absolutely awful started to feel certain a certain level of growing anxiety and just edginess and

Wasn’t able to sleep properly and then the second day i i hid an absolute black hole i mean i was in work at the time and i was feeling absolutely awful that morning and then at lunchtime i went out into the local park and i burst into tears i sat down on the park bench and burst into tears and a homeless guy came up and put his arm around me and tried to comfort

Me it was one of the most bizarre ridiculous experiences that i’ve ever had and it was just strange to find try and figure out what the hell was happening in my head what what was going on and i knew these things give you side effects and make you worse before you get better but this was certainly a horrible experience and look if you are on this particular

Medication then you could find a totally different experience and i hope it does work for you this is just my personal experience of it i think we’ve all been through if you’ve tried ssr’s sri’s there’s going to be one or two on which you have a disastrous experience it just seems to be par for the course this was one for me i was in bits i was supposed to go to

A stag party that’s that weekend and i just i messaged say i can’t do this i mean i was really looking forward to it because i thought it would just be good crack good fun get away and all that kind of stuff now of course it does whether you can drink with these things or not and different people have different opinions in that regard some people think you can

Have a moderate amount of of drinks you know maybe one or two with them and other people say you shouldn’t touch it at all now the reality is probably the latter i mean ideally you probably should not drink any alcohol with these things but different people i mean it’s a matter of your balance in life whether going out and socializing is an important integral

Part of your life and drinking is a kind of a necessary part of that and for me or increasingly i’ve cut out drink completely because it just doesn’t do any good for me i was really looking forward to that stag party and it was really disappointing for me to have to back up but i just found myself in bits just feeling really low and distressed and tearful i mean

I couldn’t stop crying it took a homeless guy to kind of come along and comfort me and all the guilt that i felt with that as well was just incredible so i came off it i decided i cannot tolerate this you’re always advised right through the side effects just hold tight and go through it and i i would give the same advice to you if you can do it then hold tight and

Go through because it it is a dark tunnel that you have to go through for a few days it is usually just a few days and i’ve experienced it on all the ones and i’ve gone through that tunnel into the other side and i’ve got the benefits so if you can do that hold out and as long as you’re on adequate supervision and to mind you while you’re doing that but this was

Just too horrific i could not do it i couldn’t put another one of those tablets into my body knowing how it was pushing me over the edge i couldn’t do it and so i went back to the guy who was a psychiatrist at the time who i was trying out and my experience with those guys is less than positive found a lot of them the mo the most arrogant professionals have ever

Come across the least understanding the least compassionate doctors least compassionate professionals full stop that i’ve ever encountered i think the entire profession my opinion of it is rock bottom and i’ve yet to come across one who will disprove me and hopefully it will i think deepak chopra put it well in that when he was prescribing antidepressants he he

Was little more than a licensed drug dealer and he was little different to the guy on the street peddling drugs and that’s what a lot of these guys are like and they probably push drugs probably even more than these street guys because i mean they are constantly pushing push and pushing more and more drugs until you’re up at the maximum dose and you’re on six

Different medications but i remember going back to him when i already said look you know i was experiencing these side effects and you know and then he goes on you came off it and it was kind of a sneering put down i think a lot of people will be familiar with that that pressure by guys who have no idea what they’re talking about on you to pursue a medication

Course which is actually killing you and it was there was a mixture of arrogance and sneering condemnation about it and i never went back to that guy again i found him utterly arrogant and quite destructive uh influence really so i never went back to him again happily now my current gp is a nice guy but that guy told you to stay on this for six weeks you know

They talk about six weeks is if that’s a short period of time that is sometimes every hour can be a horrific misery and the idea of six weeks of that sometimes can be just unthinkable so in my experience of searching was not good but then i only stayed on for two three days so that’s not a good assessment if you are on it and if it’s working for you i’m delighted

And pursued it and if it’s giving you benefits that’s great it’s all back to your doctor to get the advice from so look i hope this helps if you have experience of it just pop comments in and in the comment box and uh we can discuss it so look hope this is some help and i hope you get the help you need thanks

Transcribed from video
Zoloft Sertraline: 6 aspects of my experience &arrogance of psychiatrists By FRO Films