June 4, 2023

I hope this message reaches anyone who has an addiction. You are not alone!! Help is always there. God bless you all

What’s up guys this is joe coming at you today with another video today’s topic is a little bit different um a little off topic usually i i do topics on doordash or the stock market tesla shares but i got a lot of emails a lot of people reached out to me you know they think that i have a powerful message to put out into the world and you know they wanted me

To speak on alcohol abuse uh prescription pill abuse and you know they wanted me to speak on my experience as a former drinker you know so you know i hope you guys enjoy this video and for those who are struggling with addiction there is up there is help out there and you know you just have to have the willpower to just to combat abuse you know so my story

Started out basically i you know my mom died at an early age my father died as well at an early age he died later on while i was a bit older and you know i was raised by my grandmother and uh you know i started drinking at around the age of 10 years old i would usually go to my father and ask him to buy me a juice or soda and he would just give me a sip of his

Beer and say drink this because i don’t have money to buy you a juice or soda and you know that’s how it started and eventually as i got older than into my mid teens 14 15 16 i was drinking i was still going to school i was still doing my homework but i would be drinking on and off and that’s how the alcoholism started and um as i got older the drinking got

Heavier and it became worse progressively worse and you know things started to spiral out of control once i hit maybe 24 25 i was always it got to the point i was drinking every night so as soon as i came home from work i was drinking every night so about three four in the morning to be up at seven to be at work at eight and from eight to four i will be hung

Over because i was drinking everything under the sun um i was drinking beers liquor everything i never drank wine or anything like that my thing was like the hard liquor the cheap liquor the beer and one day i i said to myself i don’t want to drink you know i was tired of drinking i was trying i was tired of waking up nauseous stomach hurting not being able to

Eat not being able to function in society because i was so hungover and you know me drinking every night led to let me drink during the day to take this hangover away so i was always drinking night and day night and day night and day i would probably eat one mini meal throughout the day just to give my stomach something to absorb the liquor and it wasn’t an easy

Feeling i i was skinny my eyes were sunk sunk into my bones i you know i it wasn’t a pleasant feeling and one day i went to go do a physical with my doctor and i explained to him that i want to stop drinking because even he the smell of alcohol was coming out of my pores and i said you know my love affair has always people who know me my love of fear has always

Been alcohol i never smoked weed i don’t do heavy drugs that’s not my thing my thing was the alcohol abuse and um let me tell you doctors are like drug dealers they are the worst kind my doctor told me all right you want to stop drinking i got something for you so that you know it’ll help you sleep at night he started prescribing me ambient pills these ambient

Pills are the same have the same ingredients they make heroin with they have benzoids in it and i started taking the ambient pills and i would go and i would go to and i stopped drinking but now i was getting an addiction to the ambient pills and i didn’t know that ambient pills were narcotic so when i would wake up in the morning time and i’ll go to work my

Stomach was always hurting i never i never had a i had never felt that feeling i was getting withdrawals because my body was requesting the ambient pills and it’s crazy how my doctor got me addicted to prescription pills so i left one addiction and mistakenly got caught up with another addiction and i started taking ambient pills during the day as well now i

Only get a 30-day supply i was going out there buying it from people from the street so and i was consistently putting money in these people’s pockets and every time i go to these same people to buy them off the street they were raising the prices because they saw that i had they had a demand for something i wanted and i was willing to pay the extra to get it so

That it could satisfy my withdrawal feelings and if and that was another thing i couldn’t eat if i didn’t have no ambient pills i couldn’t function i was always dizzy eyes bloodshot red stomach hurting all types of things and i’m like that’s crazy so you know i had a conversation with my doctor i said you know you took me over one addiction and put me on another

That’ll make sense and it’s crazy because i said to myself i’m not going to be no dope head i’m not going to be no dopey i’m not going to start leave one addiction for another i’m married i could lose my wife behind this i could you know i could lose my my car i could get it told i could lose my job because so what i did i made one promise to god i said if

You ever if you take this away from me i would never touch a pill or an alcohol an alcoholic beverage again i made a pact with god i took myself to mount sinai hospital i stood there for five days they gave me librium they fed me good and i took all of that out of my system today i’m a brand new man today i work i’m having a baby i’m married to a good woman i

Believe in god i’m faithful you know i have faith i you know i try to do things the right way and you know that’s why you know these a lot of you guys thinking that oh i’m just drinking for the weekend or i’m drinking for the you know because there’s a special occasion or i’m doing this and that you know take me as an example all it takes is that one drink or

That one pill or that one hit or whatever you desire that could ruin your life forever you don’t know how many people i met in a cell that said i should have never drank that night i should never pop that pill i wouldn’t have ran that person over i wouldn’t had shot that person i wouldn’t have robbed them and now i’m doing time for that or i’m getting remanded

So you know these are things that you can never take life for granted you know what i’m saying so you know you got to be alert of the things that go on around you and be responsible to this day i don’t touch a drink i don’t pop one prescription pill and if my doctor prescribes me anything i need to know if it’s a narcotic or an addictive pill i do my research on

That i rather take tylenol and ibuprofen before i pop a prescription pill and fall into that same trap ever again you know and another thing addiction is real the help is out there there’s services that you could use to help you but it gotta be within you to want to do it if you don’t want to do it you’re not going to do it you can always bring a horse to the

Well you can’t make them drink everything you need is there for your help pick up a bible believe in jesus believe in god the holy spirit go to the hospital get the help you need do what you got to do to protect yourself but if it’s not in you you’re never never going to change so for those of you who are fighting addiction be strong be courageous say your

Prayers get help because if i could do it and believe me if i could do it you definitely could change so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and god bless you all have a good one

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